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Convert AI to Other Formats

If you have Adobe Illustrator installed, you can open AI file in it and choose File->Save As… or File->Save A Copy… option. You will see a file selection dialog where you can type desired file name and select target location of the converted file. Choose desired file format from the “format” list in the same dialog and press “Export” to convert your AI file. Following formats are available for export from Adobe Illustrator application:

  • Raster formats (only exports visual representation without layers or any other vector information):
    • PNG – Portable Network Graphics file.
    • BMP – Bitmap file
    • TIF – Tagged Image File Format
    • TGA – Truevision TARGA file
    • JPG – JPEG compressed image file
    • PSD – Photoshop image (layer information will be also exported, scaling is possible with vector layer).
  • Vector graphic formats (vector representation of the document will be exported):
    • DWG – AutoCAD drawing file format
    • DXF – AutoCAD exchange file format
    • EMF – Enhanced metafile format
    • SWF – Flash vector file format
    • PCT – PICT Apple metafile format
    • WMF – Windows Metafile format
  • TXT – Will only save textual information from the document

If you don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator application, it is still possible to convert AI files to other file formats.

If you have access to the internet you can convert AI files using Zamzar online file conversion tool. It supports conversion to GIF, BMP, JPG, PCX, PDF, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP and WEBP. Other cloud conversion tools like CloudConvert and ConvertIO also support conversion from AI to other raster and vector formats. Another online alternative is uploading you file to Google Drive. Google Drive can open some but not all AI files produced by Adobe Illustrator.

In case you don’t want to upload your AI file to the internet service you can try to open it offline. If you’re running a Mac OS, you can open AI file using Preview tool.

If your AI file was saved using “PDF Compatibility” option, you can rename it to PDF and it will open in any PDF viewer.

If you want to view and edit AI file you can use Inkscape professional vector graphics software which is available for download from for free.

If you have a CorelDraw installed on one of your devices you can use it to open AI file too.